As we trek through our journey in life, there is no greater responsibility we hold than keeping our friends, work colleagues and loved one's safe and secure. So in the event that life presents a threatening situation, or you feel worried, every moment of time matters. That's why at Safe Watch Global our motivation is to design software Apps and Products that blend in with everyday life, enabling us to quickly call for HELP in situations where we feel fear, panic, stress or depression. Our products also HELP you locate loved one's in times where you feel worried or concerned. All of our apps work accross all platforms so whether you have Iphone or Andriod you will be covered. 

The question to ask yourself? - Have I equiped myself with the very best products so they can call for HELP in these situations. If the answer is no or you are unsure then please take a look at Safe Watch Global products for Peace of Mind.

New Arrivals

Wihkum:School Safety Solution has been designed in consultation with schools to provide a safety net for teachers and students. In a time of need, any teachers number one priority is to protect students from harm. In threatening or medical situations the teacher can press the Wihkum:School button on their cell/mobile phone to activate the app.

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    In a time of need, the people who are closest to you are the people who will respond the quickest.


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